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An asymmetrical sleeveless tunic with a side drape that can be worn inverted, as a pocket, or, when you're feeling more dramatic, wrapped toward the back shoulder and clipped to the back yoke. It's a cotton rib-knit, so it's suitable for one of those relaxing evening at home, but it's *drama*, so you're bringing it, even if it's just to the living room.

Made of a 100% cotton rib knit, with a right side pocket, left side drape/pocket, and piping at the back yoke and front shoulder. Black matte finish brass hook on side drape attaches to a loop at back left shoulder.

Why is it called the Fugitive Tunic? Some days are like that, especially these days. Also, damn if I don't love that movie.

Pairs nicely with the Day's Follies mesh bloomers.